I'm Mitchell Murphy, or more commonly known as Mitch, a Data Scientist based in Nottingham, England, with an interest in productivity-hacking data science projects and the unconcious biases we can sometimes bring to problems requiring applied statistics.

Currently working with Footfalls & Heartbeats, a smart textiles and photonics startup, I primarily focus on product development:

  • Applying my experience in regression modelling, and presentation of results to understand if prototypes meet business and technical requirements
  • Working with textile and photonics engineers to identify the correct data is collected to produce relevant business and technical insight
  • Shaping the tools and practices used in analytics for product development, for both myself and the wider engineering/analytics team

Primarily, this portfolio will centre around data analytics as a result, but given a part of the work I do with Footfalls & Heartbeats includes data engineering and managing technical teams, some posts may explore these areas also.

If you think we could do something together, feel free to contact me at: hi@mwtmurphy.com.